House of Error - 2023
 Netizens  - 2022
 DSDB  - 2022
 Human human - 2021
 The second self explored  - 2020
 AR filters - 2019
 Do it for the gram  - 2019
 Piece of me  - 2018
 Paperdoll - 2018

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Netizens collective is an interdisciplinary collaborative project between Digital Sigga and Sól Hansdóttir. Netizens is a concept-driven digital fashion brand that combines innovative design techniques with sustainable practices.

Kuml is Netizens' latest experimental collection, centered around the idea of 'Burials and Grave goods' of the future. Designed as a first-of-its-kind afterlife experiment, Kuml explores how we can be reborn in a digital world. The word Kuml is inspired by the Icelandic concept of 'Burials and Gravegoods' (Kuml og haugfé), which were reports of the Viking Age burials and the items buried along with the person such as tools, jewellery, weapons, horses, and dogs.

The Kuml collection features three distinct looks that are presented in three separate monuments, each one resembling a burial site. 

Netizens has collaborated with several talented artists to bring Kuml to life.  Arís Eva Vilhelmsdóttir contributes outstanding architectural wonder to the collection's immersive venue. Soundscape is created by Ari Árilíus and Jack Armitage.