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 Human human - 2021
 The second self explored  - 2020
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 Piece of me  - 2018
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Digital Sigga Database (DSDB): A Personal Touch in the Age of AI Imagery 

Drawing inspiration from insightful works such as "Datafeminism" by Catherine D'Ignazio and Lauren F. Klein, as well as "Atlas of AI" by Kate Crawford, the Digital Sigga Database (DSDB) project emerges as a thoughtful exploration into the ethics and potential of AI-driven visual narratives.

The increasing prevalence of AI-generated images brings to light not just technological wonders, but also ethical dilemmas. With concerns regarding the sourcing of these images often not adhering to ethical standards, the DSDB seeks to chart a more conscientious path. The designer's approach is centered on curating a personal dataset, ensuring its provenance and integrity, to lay a foundation for future AI experiments.

DSDB stands as a testament to the designer's commitment to merging technological prowess with ethical responsibility, emphasizing the importance of transparency and ethics in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI imagery.

The photographs are taken by Kevin Pages and Sandra Bjarnadóttir, and the fashion is made by the designer in CLO3D.