Virtual Fashion

Virtual fashion is simply the design and sale of fashion items for virtual platforms and avatars. This innovation promises to be incredibly revolutionary for the fashion industry because it arrests the issues of mass production and generation of waste.

All of this has huge implications for not only fashion, but reality itself. Fashion has always been about performing identities through using extensions that negotiate with a biological body. But when identity is no longer needing to negotiate with a body that is biologically assigned the potential for constructing multiple selves, becomes exponential. The virtual body is a technological body and can therefore much more easily be manipulated and perfected, fashion (body extensions and manipulations) is playing a big part in this. How a person is born in the physical world has no meaning in the virtual world, which also makes it a safe space for people to explore their identity with fashion as a toolbox for that. As many of us live ever increasing amounts of our lives and interactions with others in online virtual spaces these second selves, become first selves. This is not happening without real world consequences.