Piece of Me 
Counter Point, 2019

On social media, we share a curated part of our lives to be consumed by others. We offer a piece of our selves. One important artefact of social media is the selfie. This way of photographing oneself has often been seen as the zenith of self-absorption and narcissism. However, the selfie is not just a symbol of self-absorption, it has for instance become an instrument of emancipation for those who adhere to selfie-feminism, a movement that celebrates the female gaze.

The selfie-cake is an attempt to bring this digital offering of ourselves into the physical world – to offer a physical piece of myself. Using a plaster copy of my face I made a silicon mold in which I baked a cake, in the form of my face. I then asked a local bakery to digitally print in marzipan a selfie I had taken. I purposely chose to use a two-dimensional picture on top of my three dimensional form to reproduce the aesthetics of digital glitches that sometime emerge in 3D-scanning and other digital processes.

Performance @ Counter Point, Víðir, Reykjavik :