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The paper doll is my first online representative of myself. A paper doll is a two-dimensional figure cut out of paper, usually complemented by a ‘wardrobe’ of separate clothing, also made from paper. In this case, the paper doll is not meant to be printed out but is intentionally made for the internet. The digital nature of the paper doll makes it easy to find new clothing for her online. Designer’s websites have good quality images of their products, which makes it easy to find the lates fashion for the paper doll.

This gave my paper doll the opportunity to constantly wear new things, without me having to buy a single item. Consequently, I opened an account on Instagram, where I could share her outfits.  

The intention of this translation was to question our meaning of authenticity online and critique the fact that we use mass produced material things to express our individual personalities. Instagram is a photo sharing application and its users post images to tell their stories. However, a digital picture is merely a two-dimensional representation of reality. It is just a front and a cropped frame of what is actually there. In fact, there should be no need for material things to produce a curated digital image of reality.

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